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AGRI-CLINIC & AGRI-BUSINESS CENTER: AWARE has been approved as Nodal Training Institute (NTI) by MANAGE (Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare) to conduct Training in Agri-Clinic and Agri-Business for Unemployed Agricultural Graduates /Diploma Holders/similar qualification. The training is for 60 days at Pujyashri Madhavanji Agricultural Polytechnic, at Aswaraopet Campus, Khammam District.... Read more...
Integrated Rural Development Program
Books and Reports
  • People in Action by Neera K Sohoni and Meera Singh (Har-Anand Publications in association with Vikas Publishing house Pvt Ltd.)
  • Non-Governmental Development Organizations of developing Countries and the South Smiles.......... By Sjef Theunis (UNITAR Publications Martinus Nijhoff Publishers. Dordrecht/Boston/London  ISBN )-7923-1407-7)
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  • Empowering Women An alternative Strategy from Rural India by Sakuntala Narasimhan ( Sage Publication 1999 ISBN : 0-7619-9340-1 ( US Hb), 0-7619-9341-X (US-Pb) 81-7036-805-7 India-Hb) 81-7036-806-5 (India – Pb)
  • Bonded Labourers Study of Dynamics Rehabilitation and Organization by R.R. Prasad and K. Suman Chandra.  Published by National Institute of Rural Development Govt of India – 1993 and Re- Published by Har Anand Publications New Delhi in 1994. 
  • Big and Still Beautiful by Drs. Jan Neggers, Dr. Fris Wills and Drs. Nico Beets. (32 in the series of program Evaluation of the co-financing program DGIS/Novib November 1987-April 1988 )
  • Collaboration with voluntary organizations in Health Family welfare and Nutrition ( National Institute of Health and Family Welfare Govt of India  1989 )
  • Smile that must continue....A study of Dandakaranya Tribal Region by Dr. V B N S Madduri, Dr. F D Vakil, Dr. J V Raghavendar Rao, Dr. Suman Chandra ,  Dr. Lakshmi Dr. Aparna Rayaprol, Dr. L S N Murthi.   (Development Research Advisory Group Hyderabad Central University 1996.)
  • ANUBHAV Experiences in Community Health  Action for Welfare and Awakening in Rural Environment by Dr Neera Kuckreja Sohoni (The Ford Foundation-1988)  English and Hindi Editions. 
  • Towards Each Other, SIDBI-AWARE Publication-1996
  • Woman I am human - A study for National Commission for Women 1997. Development Research Advisory Group.
  • We shall achieve a liquor free Orissa - National Commission for Women and AWARE 1996
  • MAN OF THE YEAR- P.K.S.Madhavan by G S Radha Krishna in The WEEK Magazine, published by Malayala Manorama Kottayam – December 1989.
  • The Missionary Zeal of An Autocratic Reformer by Amarnath K Menon in India Today Magazine 15th Sept 1992.
  • With Malice towards One and All by Kushwant Singh (The Hindustan Times 24 Aug 1992,31st Aug 1992)
  • Liberating the weak by Sakuntala Narasimhan (NEWTIME dated 24th May 1992.)
  • A  One- Man Mission by Ratna Rao Shekhar (The Times of India dated 18th April 1993.)
  • Oasis of Nobility in Desert of Greed by K S Rao (The Mirror dated April 1989)
  • The Barefoot Messiah by G S Radhakrishna, The Telegraph dated 13th March 1983.
  • Leading from the Front by Ratna Rao Shekhar, The Gulf Weekly dated 29th April - 5th May 1993
  • Catalyst with a Gandhian Cause by Stephen David , The Deccan Herald dated 7th March 1993.
  • Growing with Awareness   Weekend News Time dated 24th May 1992.
  • Floating Solace in India Today dated March 31st 1992.
  • After the Dark Night, A New Awareness by G S Reddy in THE ILLUSTATED WEEKLY OF INDIA dated October 23rd 1983.
  • Revolutionary Changes in Rural Scene The Hindu dated 2nd March 1984.
  • Pushing Back Ignorance by Parsa Venkateswara Rao in Indian Express dated 5th November 1988.
  • Dukkikkunna Grammathinne Ee Jivetham by K C Rajagopal Malayala Manorama dated February 18th 1996.
  • Samuhika Sevanam Sanyasiyum I A S Karan in Mathrubhumi dated December 3rd 2009.
  • Kalki  a popular Tamil Magazine dated June 24th 1988 carried an extensive article in Tamil about AWARE.
  • Gramabhiwridhi Laksam Samajika Parivarthana ye Dheyam  by Chinthalapudi Srinivasa Rao, a special  cover page article was published 8th May 1994 by EENADU a popular daily.
  • Pedala Palita Pennidhi AWARE by A. Ramachandra Rao dated April, 30th,1981 a exclusive article on AWARE was published by Andhra Bhumi a popular Telugu weekly.
  • We shall be able to raise India.......... by Justice Dr. P N Bhagwathi convocation speech 25th April 1993.
  • Rural Development –Role of Voluntary Organizations Speech by Mr. P K S Madhavan at Seoul republic of Korea dated 4th Sept 1989. Published by Afro-Asian Rural Reconstruction Organization and Korea Rural economics Institute.
  • Human Rights and Development Co operation speech of P K S Madhavan published at the Hague in December 1980 published by NOVIB The hague The Netherlands.
  • Garshom an International Magazine, March 1st 2009 published a special article on AWARE
  • Participatory Approach To Community Health : Sustainable Strategy From India by Sudha Venu Menon (published in US available in internet.)
  • AWARE and its Work with Tribals and Harijans in Andhra Pradesh by Dr. Fris Wills of Institute of Social Studies The Hague, Dr. V B N S Madduri of Central University Hyderabad, Dr. K C Alexander of National Institute of Rural Development Hyderabad and Dr. Neera K Sohoni of Stanford University USA published by Institute of Social Studies The Hague ,The Netherlands. 
  • Health Education for Quality of Life by K. Mahadevan published by B.R.Publishing Corporation 1992—ISBN81-7018-720-6.
  • People’s Health in People’s Hands by Dr. N H Antia and Kavitha Bhartiya published by The foundation for Research in Community Health 1993.
  • The Perspective Plan of AWARE - 1988-90 by Dr. P.K.S.Madhavan published by AWARE in 1987.
  • Report on Nakkalapalem Village 1986 Submitted to the Supreme Court of India by Dr. P K S Madhavan Ref Supreme Court Archives
  • Report on Bonded Labourers in Stone Quarries 1983 submitted to the Supreme Court of India by Dr. P K S Madhavan, T. Ramachandra Rao and Anguraj Ref Archies of Supreme Court.
  • Report on Natural Disaster Management published by Afro-Asian Rural Reconstruction Organization New Delhi, 1988. 
  • Report on Studies about AWARE Target Group Oriented Program by F W Korthals Altes published by Royal Tropical Institute Dept of Agriculture Research AMSTERDAM The Netherlands 1983.
  • Commission of Folk Law and Legal Pluralism a Report Published by Law Faculty, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand -1992
  • Adult Education for Women - Eight Case Studies published by Directorate of Adult Education , Ministry of Education and Culture, Government of India-1984.
  • Harijan Upliftment Program of the AWARE - A study Report published by Council for Social Development – 1982.
  • Farmers Suicides in Andhra Pradesh -1998  by Prof. K.R.Chowdary, Prof.  R R Prasad, Prof. P. Manikyamba, Prof. S. Indrakanth, Prof.T.Narayana Rao Published by Development Research Advisory Group.
  • Voluntary Action in Andhra Pradesh - An Appraisal  by G.R.S.Rao and P.K.S.Madhavan  ASC Hyderabad 1988.
  • Sustainable Agriculture - A case study of Excess use of Chemicals AWARE 1992.
  • Bonded Labourers Standaard Uitgeverji Antwerpen Weert.   
Several Magazines and National Newspapers published periodically AWARE’s efforts, impact and meatheads of Rural Upliftment in English Hindi Marati, Guajarati, Telugu Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. International News papers like Age in Australia, USA, Canada, The Sun in Malaysia, France, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands, UK published time to time AWAREs experiment in Rural development. Besides TV channels like BBC, CNN, Doordarshan Indian TV, Gemini, MAA TV carried special editions on the work of AWARE.