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AGRI-CLINIC & AGRI-BUSINESS CENTER: AWARE has been approved as Nodal Training Institute (NTI) by MANAGE (Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare) to conduct Training in Agri-Clinic and Agri-Business for Unemployed Agricultural Graduates /Diploma Holders/similar qualification. The training is for 60 days at Pujyashri Madhavanji Agricultural Polytechnic, at Aswaraopet Campus, Khammam District.... Read more...
Integrated Rural Development Program
Global Migration- A Challenge

                   The relevance of borders is gradually fading away globally; be it the Mexicans entering USA or the Bangladeshis entering India. However, they are not to blame entirely; considering the current world scenario. World population has grown from 1.6 billion in 1900 to an astounding 6.7 billion today. The population is growing at a rate of 1.14% that means there are 75 million more mouths to feed every year and 203,800 every day.
                 Moreover, there are more wars or conflicts today than ever before. Conflict causes one of every 10 Colombians to live abroad. El Salvador is another nation suffering from the same predicament. About a third Salvadorans live outside the country. Millions of others are migrating illegally to US, Europe, Australia or Canada for opportunities.

                 Interestingly, while migration is on a decline worldwide, the trend will remain prominent and a challenge to policy makers for the diverse issues associated with it. For example, restrictive policies of developed countries are encouraging illegal immigration.
                There are an estimated 800,000 illegal immigrants in Malaysia. Around 200,000 illegal immigrants enter Russia every year, which is home to over 10-12 million illegal immigrants. About 22 million Iraqis have fled the country since 2003, mostly to Syria and Jordan. Another 12-20 million illegal immigrants currently live in the USA and as much as 20 million foreigners are living in India especially from Bangladesh, Nepal and other neighboring countries. Horrifyingly, illegal migration also encourages human trafficking and smuggling.

               Meanwhile, countries will also do everything possible to incentivize their people abroad so that these people may contribute through investments. On the other hand, crime is hated as the ones we see in Australia against Indians, could rise further. Overall, it will remain a sensitive issue worldwide.