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AGRI-CLINIC & AGRI-BUSINESS CENTER: AWARE has been approved as Nodal Training Institute (NTI) by MANAGE (Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare) to conduct Training in Agri-Clinic and Agri-Business for Unemployed Agricultural Graduates /Diploma Holders/similar qualification. The training is for 60 days at Pujyashri Madhavanji Agricultural Polytechnic, at Aswaraopet Campus, Khammam District.... Read more...
Integrated Rural Development Program
tIn AWARE’s social mobilization strategy, education has a critical role and is a constant factor. Education and development are closely linked. Education is viewed as having a broad information dissemination and mind challenging function.

Education helps one to cope better in day-to-day life, it is not formal or classic education. The community education centers (CEC) of AWARE are informally located inside a small village hut or under comforting shade of a tree. The community is managed by trainees of AWARE who talks about issues like crucial land and water use, grazing rights, caste atrocities, status of women, housing, food production and so on. Through these Community Education Centers more than 3,38,655 people became literates.

The CEC organizer also assists school dropouts and child labourers who cannot avail day school opportunities. The key social problems discussed in such talks are liquor consumption, bonded labor, child labor or health.
As a result of such program, over 1200 Tribal and Harijan villages have overcome the liquor consumption which is one of the best examples of community inspired collective action and this change is not bought by any external force but by the will of the people.

AWARE gathered children and conducted primary classes under a tree with a single teacher due to people’s demand and ultimately the government established one-teacher schools in Tribal areas. With advent of Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) of the government, new schools were set up called Ashram schools, which has school and hostel as well. Most of the Tribal parents preferred to send their children to the Ashram schools because of the free food, accommodation, clothing and books.

AWARE avoided establishing its own formal primary and high school but utilized government schools for promotion of education. Some of the educational institutes opened by AWARE are
  • AWARE Rural Vocational training Centre in 1979
  • AWARE Nursing college in 2004
  • AWARE College of Medical and Lab technology in 2005
  • College of Education for training teachers in 2007
  • Two engineering colleges one in Shantivaram Hyderabad and another in Bhagwatipuram R.R.district in 2008
  • International School of Business and Research is established at Bhagwatipuram in 2010