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AGRI-CLINIC & AGRI-BUSINESS CENTER: AWARE has been approved as Nodal Training Institute (NTI) by MANAGE (Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare) to conduct Training in Agri-Clinic and Agri-Business for Unemployed Agricultural Graduates /Diploma Holders/similar qualification. The training is for 60 days at Pujyashri Madhavanji Agricultural Polytechnic, at Aswaraopet Campus, Khammam District.... Read more...
Integrated Rural Development Program
about-aware1AWARE, acronym for Action for Welfare and Awakening in Rural Environment is an organization dedicated to serving the poorest of poor and the most oppressed communities, namely, the tribals, the harijans, and women from all communities and the socio-economically depressed groups in the Indian society.

AWARE is a non-profit, National Development Organization registered under Indian Societies Registration Act as charity organization with Income Tax Act and with Ministry of Home Affairs under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. It was established at Hyderabad, on 5th November 1975 by an anthropologist Dr. P.K.S. Madhavan. AWARE is a democratic organization with the General Body electing the Governing Body and office bearers like Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, once in 5 years.

AWARE has become a peoples’ movement of development by organizing and motivating people through its social action program combined with economic development. It successfully made the poor overcome bondage, misery and suffering using law as an instrument of social change.

"P.K.S Madhavan, the founder chairman of AWARE,  is one person whose ability to convert people power or jana shakti into potent development  resource is unquestionable. Exactly two decades ago, the humanist in him stole a march over the anthropologist and government bureaucrat, when he decided to resign his secure position as civil servent, renounced his anthropological inroads into tribal Andhra and became a social activist. A few years later in 1975 AWARE was born" ... Dr.Neera K Sohoni and Dr.Meera Singh authors of book "People in Action'

One unique nature of AWARE’s program is that it does not work in a particular area for more than 8-10 years. It initially motivates the people in process of development by
  • Helping them to organize themselves by promoting and protecting human rights and gender justice
  • Educating people to understand their rights and responsibilities
  • Providing training in leadership, skills development, agriculture, animal husbandry
  • Assisting in growing more food
  • Generating employment and better income realization
  • Offering Health support,  Legal support and Environment education
From 8th year onwards, AWARE withdraws from these villages where people can take off by themselves for development. AWARE has withdrawn from more than 6,000 villages making people self-reliant and development sustainable. The most striking thing about AWARE is that it stands behind and with people and not ahead of them.